Worker on construction site films with his  mobile phone. health and safety

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Gone are the days of complexity with Video Making! Your phone is a great way to make high-quality video that you can use to create engaging and effective learning. Our customers and team do it every day.

Our quick guide to shooting video on your phone will show you how. Download it here and let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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Sam Smith

Marketing Manager

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Get Great Learning Results with LUMA1

Diana, VP Health & Safety

Hill & Smith

The leadership team appreciated that training was specific to our locations and did not rely on generic examples.  Overall, a great experience and we look forward to working with the LUMA1 team again on additional projects.

Elgan, Business Improvement

JDR Cable Systems

With the help of LUMA1, JDR has been able to create a library of interactive training material both quickly and efficiently to meet our technical and health and safety requirements.

Stephano, Video Specialist

Abzac Global

So easy to use you can do it on a cell phone. Translate any course instantly, with a high degree of accuracy.

Interactive video tools. Html mark up capabilities. Great metrics.

Stephanie, Senior Safety Manager

BUTTCON Construction

We have just put our safety orientation video on LUMA1 and are rolling it out to all staff and business partners.

The customer service that we received was absolutely phenomenal.

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